Monday, March 12, 2012

I cut my hair!

I cut my hair yesterday! Super short too.

Here I am at the salon all ready to chop it off.

I cut off about 10 inches and donated the hair to locks of love.

Gah that's a lot huh?! I didn't realize I had grown my hair that long til I saw the braids.

and here's the haircut I went with...

Big difference. I think it makes my face look fat and older! But I like that it's out of the way and sooo much easier to take care of. It was always so much harder to run and do zumba with a huge bun or a long ponytail getting gross and sweaty..eww lol. Plus my hair feels so much healthier and no more slit ends :)

PS I know I haven't been updating as often as I should be..but trust me changes are going down! I just got rid of more junks and we got our own spin bike so I could workout at home on days where I can't get to the gym. Plus I bought some small hand weights so I could tone my arms, and I am getting stuff done! Wooo go me. Life outside the blog is healthy and great ;)
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