Friday, September 30, 2011

Miniboss and her puppy

Bossy has a fav puppy pal. It's been weeks and I thought she would get tired of it like she does everything else but she drags it all over the house and gives him tons of kisses..holds him by the neck, and abuses loves it like no real dog could handle. I'm gonna have to give him a bath soon but it's kinda sad cuz I have to rip off his ty tag, and it has survived her abuse love this long, I feel kinda bad.

When you ask her what it's name is she says Caca ...which is what she calls Parker lol. And another time when I asked she said Poophole LOL!! So I've stopped asking cause I'm scared what she'll say next. It's not even her beanie baby. I don't even know whose it is..It was just with my old pile of stuffed animals when I pulled it out for her to play with. She carries him all over the house and uses fabric scraps she drags out of the craft room to use as his blankets. We decided it was a boy puppy pal since Caca doesn't seem like a girl name.

She looks like such a big girl in these pics..but just so you don't forget that she's still baby...

Here's Miniboss with Caca and a bottle of water which she got all over the couch and her onesie. I should have never let her play with it..but it kept her quiet for while and I'm all for the silence lol.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

No more breastfeeding!

Miniboss is 20 months old today and we officially quit the MUM...aka nursing.

Hardest thing ever. They have tons of breastfeeding coaches on how to do it, but no one ever tells yo how hard it is for you to quit!

It's only been 24 hours and her and I are both exhausted. I barely got any sleep. She was up crying all night. It was such a sad sight I almost gave in and let her feed in the middle of the night but I stuck it out and let her cry. She whined, tossed and turned, sadly sobbed while saying mom, mom, mom. It was such a sad sight to see my kid like that, but funny at the same time because she was so desperate for it.

I wish people would have told me how hard it was going to be for her to quit. Everyone else tells you "Ohh the baby didn't want it anymore anyway so it was easy." Well that is definitively not the case for us. We'll see how long it takes her to sleep on her own without the mum. Its a battle and it's only the beginning.

Not only does quitting suck for her but it sucks for me. My boobs are so engorged with milk and I hurttttttt. I don't know how long this is going to last but it will all be worth it, she's a big girl now and doesn't need milks from her Momma. It's gonna be sad for both of us since it was our bonding time and we are both so used to it.

Cheers to growing up.

First Trip to the Dentist

Miniboss went to the dentist yesterday for the first time. At first she had fun and was dancing, running and screaming in the waiting room but it was a different story when they tried to hold her down and look at her teeth. I wish I had pics but it took me n my husband to hold her down so we didn't get shots of the ordeal. But here's a pic of her in the waiting room hehe.

Being silly with her Poppa...

Looking sad cuz she realizes this was a trick!

So we got some bad news. Her teeth never developed enamel and the 4 top ones have to go! They are decayed on the back and she had chipped her front tooth(from being naughty and falling off furniture). I knew there was something wrong with her teeth since I had noticed some weird coloring on the front of her teeth developing even though we brush and floss her teeth all the time. She seriously has like 20 toothbrushes and her own kiddie flossies!

They gave us the option of extracting all 4 or saving them and putting porcelain/silver caps to save them until they naturally fall out at 6/7 years old. Well we decided to save them because I didn't want her to spend the next 5 years completely toothless like I was! It was not fun and I never smiled in pictures because I had no teeth lol. Anyway I want 5 more years of beautiful pictures of my Miniboss so we getting her 4 porcelain caps for her front teeth. Because of her young age, they are going to have to give her anesthesia and she will be out for the procedure and it will have to be done at United Regional Hospital.

I'm quite nervous..all this pre-surgical exams and talks are freaking me out. But it's scheduled for Nov 10th. I know she'll be fine but it's always scary to see your child in the hospital! Anyway wish her luck that we can save her 4 front teefies.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Drawers into wall storage

I've been seeing tons of cute projects done using drawers and old milk crates. I love the idea of re purposing things and any wall storage is awesome to me since our apartment is so small. I knew I wanted a drawer for our keys and one for shoe storage for the Miniboss. We have a shoe rack already but her shoes are so small, they don't stay on the rack.

I dragged my hubby to the habitat for humanity builders bargain store last week and found a couple of drawers marked .10 cents. Cant beat that price! Well as we checked out the guy says you can just have I ended up getting the two drawers free!

I took them outside and gave them a good scrubbing and took off the drawer liners. I painted them some fun colors I had in my paint sample stash.

After the paint dry I sanded it down to create a shabby chic look I love so much. I then added white fabric and lace on the back. I also added simple hooks to hold our keys.

Here they are complete. I did this project ALL BY MYSELF. I even hung them myself too. Yay meeee! :)

This project didn't cost me anything since I had everything already and the drawers were free :)

Can't you tell I loveeee tiny people shoes?! These aren't all her shoes, just ones that she wears most often and her ones for fall :)


Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Tiffany

A Big Happy Birthday to my little sister Tiffany whose now officially a teenager. Though we can't be there to celebrate with you, we hope you have a wonderful day today. You have grown to be a beautiful young lady. We love you very much tiff!

Some cute throwback photos of the Miniboss and her Aunt Tiff.

Miniboss sure loves her Aunt. She has something to tell you...

And Parker too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Waterpaints

I'm always finding new things for Miniboss to do to keep her from going stir crazy when she's inside. Things only entertain her for a while so I hate to spend a ton of money on activities we could make/do for free. I'm all for her being creative so I let her do a lot of artsy projects.

I let her water paint on the patio with just plain old water and a paint brush. She paints directly on the cement and the water would dry up so there was no clean up. She liked it but was getting bored after the third I upgraded her to water paints. I used plain old water and two drops of food coloring in each cup. I let her sit and paint in her notebook, and she liked mixing the different colors.

Things did get a little messy so next time I could let her paint on the patio so there's no real cleanup. Plus it doesn't freak me out when she accidentally eats some..cuz we all know she will at one point or another put that brush in her mouth lol.

So fun and free :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Theres an animal terrorizing my home

Miniboss was watching Caillou and they were making bear roars and she was copying it and went into the laundry basket and was roaring at me. It was so funny so I moved the basket under the desk as a make shift cage while she roared lol! I was trying to take pictures of it but she kept pushing the camera out of the holes with her hands and feet.

What a funny baby. She's starting to be such a big kid and doing all these silly things. I was wondering how she knew about animal cages but then I realized it's cuz Parker sleeps in his kennel at night lol!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Throw back post: Tutu Tutorial

My model showing her juicy legs lol!

You will need
2 yards of tulle
1 elastic band or stretchy headband
needle & thread

Step 1. Cut out 2 yards worth of tulle strips. I wanted my tutu to be about 8 inches long, so I measured and cut out 16 inch long by 6 inch wide strips. (You have to double the length because when you tie it, it will be half the length.) I bought my tulle for 77 cents a yard at hobby lobby!

Step 2. Take your elastic and measure your model. Make it about 1 inch longer than your model's waist. Sew the two ends together slightly overlapping. You could use ribbon too if you wanted! I hung the elastic on a hanger because it's easier to work with.

Step 3. Take a strip of tulle and tie a knot around the elastic like so. It's just a simple loop, and you pull the two tails through the loop.

Step 4.Now tighten the knot and move the knot so it's on the outside of the elastic. It starts to make the tutu upside down.

Step 5.Repeat...and keep repeating until you fill up the entire elastic! You can push the knots closer together to add more tulle and make a fuller tutu.

At this point you can take it off the hanger and place in on your thigh so it's easier to work with!

After you completely fill up the tutu...WA LA! You're done lol!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Throw back post: Nail art Daisies

I've been doing nails for a very long time. Ok not that long but long enough to know I'm good at what I do :) & I wanted to share a cute simple way to do hand painted nail art. I paint Miniboss's toes all the time, and she's just big enough now that her toes have room for tiny flowers. I know a lot of you have small girls or babies at home, so this is just another cute flower project, only on fingers and toes :)

Start off with clean hands.

or toes :)

Pull out your acrylic paints, and a ball point pen and a toothpick. Paint 2 coats of your favorite summer color, wait to dry, and now we are ready to start!

I used OPI Modern Girl for mines, and a baby safe polish for Lexi.

You only need the tiniest amount of paint. I have actual nail art dotting tools, but I used the smallest tip, which would basically be the size of a normal ball point pen.

I used a foam plate so the paint doesn't soak through or dry out.

Dip your pen into the white paint and dot on your nail like so

Re-dip your pen and dot a second dot. You will need to re-dip your pen for every dot you do to make it even and round.

The third goes down a little more.



Now dip your pen into the black paint and add a center to the flower.

Repeat process and make a couple more flowers.

Using your tooth pick, add small black dots. Dip the toothpick only once and dot until the paint runs out. This creates the look of the smaller black dot sizes.

Now add a layer of top coat and you are done!

I don't top coat Miniboss's toes and they stay really well anyway because she doesn't do much haha :)
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