Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Waterpaints

I'm always finding new things for Miniboss to do to keep her from going stir crazy when she's inside. Things only entertain her for a while so I hate to spend a ton of money on activities we could make/do for free. I'm all for her being creative so I let her do a lot of artsy projects.

I let her water paint on the patio with just plain old water and a paint brush. She paints directly on the cement and the water would dry up so there was no clean up. She liked it but was getting bored after the third time..so I upgraded her to water paints. I used plain old water and two drops of food coloring in each cup. I let her sit and paint in her notebook, and she liked mixing the different colors.

Things did get a little messy so next time I could let her paint on the patio so there's no real cleanup. Plus it doesn't freak me out when she accidentally eats some..cuz we all know she will at one point or another put that brush in her mouth lol.

So fun and free :)

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