Sunday, September 16, 2012


My first Scentsy warmer! I fell in love with Whoot and got him just in time because he was the warmer of the month for August. Sooo glad I waited for a warmer I reallly wanted! Patience pays off! :)

Isn't he adorable? All snuggled up ready for bed hehehe.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Remember back when I had this headboard?

You know it's an old photo because Miniboss hasn't been that small and cute in a long time #eviltoddler LOL.

Well I got rid of it. Sold it on craigslist for a whooping $5 :) I know, but I got it for free so really no biggie. I've been purging furniture I've collected lately to make room for stuff I really want, and I just didn't love that headboard. It wasn't tall enough and I outgrew the shabby chicness of it.

Well now we're headboard-less and it looks pretty bare so instead I found a temporary solution that will workout perfectly until we do move and I can hunt down that perfect headboard :)

I just blew up a huge picture of us through shutterfly..though I could have done an engineering print, but I wanted a high quality photo so you could always do the engineer prints to save some money!

I got the frame from IKEA for $29.99 while we were in Dallas one weekend, and hung it over the bed with a monkey hook. Have you guys tried monkey hooks?! It's soo simple and holds so much weight..You know since it'll be hanging over our heads at night I don't want it to come crashing down! I had used one in the living room for a huge frame above the bench for a year and it held up perfect so I knew I had to use a monkey hook for this one as well! No tools needed and it comes out very easily as well so I can take them with us when we move :)

I think it's a great photo and it's not too in your face and kind of off beat since it's a picture of us indirectly, and not a huge cheesy photo of our faces lol. I love how it turned out, and the idea of not having a headboard, but still having something finish off the area.

Now I gotta get rid of more furniture and belongings that are just baggage and not worth lugging to another home. :) I know for sure I need a small couch, some sitting chairs, a coffee table, a guest bed, night stands for our room, a new dresser/solution for the tv, extra dining chairs, patio furniture, and office chairs! Eppp...lots of stuff I gotta get and that means lots of clutter to toss!

Source list: Shams from West Elm, white comforter from Target, white frame from IKEA, small body pillow from Dillards.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Slacker Much?!

I've been really slacking on projects. Yea I know..and updating in general. =/ What a bad blogger I know lol. But we got word that we're going to be moving to Kansas next year and I've been trying to clean out all my old projects and furniture to make room for the move. We're hoping to either be in base housing or buy an actual house!! Homeowners?! I've only been dreaming about it for forever! I know, it won't be a forever home, no military family has one of those right?! lol It's a huge step for us and much needed. We have been bursting at the seems in this tiny apartment and Miniboss needs legroom to grow. As well as Parker..though in his case it's not to grow but room to run and lay around :)

I'm selling all my projects and things on craigslist and starting fresh! All new furniture, and all pieces that will really reflect me, and us, and everything I want :)

Hahah I say mostly "I" because well the husband doesn't really have a say. Happy wife, Happy life right guys?! :)

I'm soo excited and ready to look for houses, I want a small old home I can do renovations on. I have a huge obsession over tiny homes, and the idea of making a small house work for you in every sense. I know, I want out of an apt for a tiny house?! Whattt?! But with a house I could really personalize it and make it just the way I want, and make every inch useful and in that sense it will be more "roomy" without having to have a huge square footage. Anyway, it makes sense to me lol.

If we don't find a house we love, we will live on base housing and though that will be like renting again, at least I will have all the furniture pieces I really love!

Anyway wish us luck, cuz in 10 short months the Douangphilas are moving out of Texas!

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