Friday, July 22, 2011

pinterest inspired.

So I have this pinned on my Pinterest, and I knew I was gonna make it for Lexi too one day..and today everything just kinda came together and now Lexi has her own magnetic wall too! ....

So we headed out to Hancock fabric today to buy some fabric for another project for my niece Aria, and saw a cute fabric I had to have since there was a huge blowout sale going on.

After that we headed to Target where I found some awesome magnets on clearance for .30!

And on the way home Tom reminded me about the project on Pinterest I wanted to do, so we made a stop at autozone and got the tin.

....We get home, hang it up and I put on the magnets and fabric on it, and realized everything matches perfectly like they were meant to be together :) love lucky coincidences!

Lexi lovesssss playing with her magnets. She woke up from a nap and ran straight to it and sat on her yellow stool.

This project cost me:
.75 for fabric
$2 for magnets
$10 for the tin
$3 command strip to hang
= $15.75

Now she has her own place for her magnets besides losing them all under the fridge lol. Her artsy wall is complete. We have an art easel, drawing station, toys, and now magnet wall.

BTW Sorry for crappy photos. I still have not found my camera Lexi lost :/


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