Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WF fair

We went to the fair in town for the first time this year. We used to go the the Colorado state fair every year but since moving to Texas I was prego and extremely sick one year and the next we had Lexi and she was sick :/ Well we finally made it this year!

Lexi was scared of everything..but we did manage to get her into the petting zoo and she got to touch baby animals :) ..Other than that the only person who had the most fun isn't even a person and didnt even actually get to go...Yea I'm talking about Parker.

We brought him home a turkey leg and yes he fully enjoyed it. He's the bestest dog ever and so he deserves spoiling sometimes. Plus it was funny watching him eat it since it's almost as big as he is!

Check out that Miniboss. She was mad and sweaty from the heat and the animals were pushy so she wasn't happy. We're gonna go to the Dallas fair in October, hopefully that goes better.

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