Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ceramic Piggy Bank Gets A Makeover

You've probably seen this piggy bank before. Everyone sells it. Sure you can draw on it and make it cute, but I took it up a notch and added vinyl :) Now it looks like this.

If that's not a kawaii makeover I don't know what is lol. Its sooo darn cute now lol. You'll never see that plain boring pig in the same way again! I designed the eyes and placed it closer to the nose. Then I cut one of my doily patterns I bought from the silhouette site and used the negative space out outs to form the decorative head piece. If you look close enough you can see where the old eyes used to be.

I might add Miniboss's initials to it or something on the side later on.

Looks so cute on my desk shelves :) Now to add a decorative border to my shelves! Yay more vinyl projects!

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