Friday, December 28, 2012

Sugar Vinyl Label

I've had this jar of sugar all plain and uggs just waiting for the perfect vinyl label. Well no such luck. Maybe I'm too picky? Either way I've been dying for some vinyl labels ever since the house of smiths pantry makeover. YES! THAT LONG AGO! lol. Well forget waiting because I got my own good ol cameo now and made my own label.

Now that's a label. :) I bought a subscription from silhouetteamerica so I figure if I'm paying I might as well be making use of it right? I dl the shape from their site and tweeked it to get my perfect label. Don't you love the font? Isn't it ...wait for it...sweet?! lol #nerdalert

Now to get more jars for the flour, and whatever else. I'm label crazy ya'll. & in case you're wondering, the spices already have labels, on the lids, so no vinyl for them. Darn I know.

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