Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pintucked Pillows

I originally got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, All Things Thrifty but it seems they took down the tutorial...It's a good thing I'm good at remembering and winging projects :) They did a throw pillow, and I wanted that look for my pillows, so I used pillow cases instead of throw pillows.

You will need
pillow case
thread and needles
small rubber bands
measuring tape

Before you start on your pillowcase, make sure the pillow case you are using is LARGER than your pillow! My pillows are queen sized and I used a king sized pillowcase.

Step 1. Turn your pillow case inside out and press. You want it straight and wrinkle free so you can mark your lines.

Step 2. Use a measuring tape and pencil, you will want to draw out lines like graphing paper. I made mines 4x4 boxes. See my drawing?! The red lines are how your supposed to mark your pillowcase.

Step 3. I went back and then marked the ones where I wanted to have the pin tucks. On my first line, I marked a circle at the 4 inch, 12 inch, and 20 inch marks. On my second line I marked the 8 inch and the 16 inch lines. I kept doing that till I had marked the entire pillow case. See my drawing?! The black dots are how you are supposed to mark your pillow case.

Step 4. Now using your small rubber bands you want to pinch the pillow case and wrap the rubber band on it where the black dots are. (Make sure you don't accidentally get both sides of the pillow case, just the one side you are working on ) Turn pillow right side out again and check and see if you need to move the rubber bands up or down a little more for deeper lines or lighter lines.

Step 5. Once you get it how you like it, take your needled and thread and push the rubber band down a little and sew right above the rubber band. Make sure you sew it well!!

Take off the rubber bands once you are done sewing and flip your pillow case right side out! WA LA! Fancy pin tucked look :)

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