Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simple Shelving

The top of Minibosses's dresser was boring and I needed more space, and with the new Ikea 2012 catalog out, I was getting the organization itch. I figured two simple cheap shelves will do, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money.

We took a trip to Lowes and picked up 8 simple white brackets at .88 each in the closet organization area. And a 1x10x10 piece of wood for $12. I got them to cut the lumber down for me to 4, 30in shelves. I had my husband help me measure and put it up, since hes better at making things line up straight.

Here's the before.

We ended up using drywall screws to make sure it's sturdy.

Done. All straight and ready to be dressed up.

Now I have plenty of room for all her stuff!

There's a window to the left and so theres a huge glare in the photos :/

So for about $19 I have 4 "custom" shelves. I will be putting the other two shelves in the laundry space soon :) I know I want to paint the shelves, but i'm not sure what color yet.

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