Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stella & Dot: Independent Stylist Jennifer Tran

We're taking a short break from Minibossuary to introduce my sister Jennifer!

She recently started up her own business with Stella & Dot. At first I had no clue what she was talking about, but it's only because I live under a rock, what's your excuse?

Turns out it's an amazing company that sells wonderfully fabulous jewelry! And we all know I love me some bling! What girl doesn't?! And it's not your normal jewelry you get from the chain stores, you can only find Stella & Dot jewelry from the Stylists, like Jennifer.

These are quality pieces too. These are completely worth what you pay.

Are you drooling yet? Cuz I know I am hahah! Well my lovely sister sent us a couple of pieces for Christmas so I could see the pieces for myself because I'm a jewelry snob. I hate "fake" jewelry because most look cheap and break so easily. I was doubting everything about this whole "Stella thing" and thinking no way, I'll DIY my own pieces of jewelry lol! Boy was I WRONGGG...

We got these cute boxes over the holidays.

Inside was a gift for both Miniboss and I. That's right, they even have little girl jewelry! You know, so your baby can be just as blinged out as you are :)

She sent us the ISADORA PEARL BIB, and the TATUM NECKLACE for Miniboss.

They are sooooooo rediculously amazing in person. I love the necklaces! I will definitively be purchasing more jewelry from Stella & Dot. I was really impressed with the quality. The necklace has some weight to it, which I like, so it doesn't go flying around my neck on windy days haha.

I'm planning on wearing our Stella & Dot pieces for our family photos later this month!

Anyway don't just take my word for it, you can actually win some Stella & Dot jewelry for yourself! Jennifer is doing a giveaway over on her facebook page here.

Once she hits 100 "likes" she'll giveaway some bling to a very lucky person, she's at 41 so far, so please show her some love and tell her I sent you, and hey maybe you'll win some awesome jewelry! :)

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