Thursday, February 16, 2012

A healthier me!

Woo just wanted to give an update on my progress! :)

I'm midway through week two of going to the gym 4-5 days a week + eating cleaner/healthier and I've lost 3 pounds! I've lost a total of 7 pounds since December!

I have to lose 2 more pounds to be pre-baby weight!! After that I need to lose 5 more pounds to be pre-husband weight :) hahhaa

I'm just having fun doing zumba and cardio classes and just pushing myself to be healthy and have fun at the gym though. It's a life style change and I look forward to going to the's my time and I love it! Not only that but I've met tons of new people at my classes who all are so supportive and helpful. Something about sweating and slightly dying makes us all feel closer hahha :)

I'm definitely happy with my progress so far I'm I'm proud of myself for pushing myself to do things I thought I couldn't do because I was too weak. Now I can feel my body getting stronger and I feel amazing!! :) Loveeee it <3

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