Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life Overhaul

A Picture of me 9 months prego, and what I look like now.

I'm far from done. I got a few trouble spots I want to work on, and overall I just want to be toned and in shape. Weight isn't a huge indicator to me, but waking up and feeling great about my body and how hard I worked is awesome!

With all this recent weight loss and spending time improving ME, I realized it was time for a whole life overhaul. We've been in this weird funk since we've moved to Wichita Falls.

I think for me it was being pregnant and being so busy being a Mom I left myself behind and now that I'm finding the old me again (everyday slowly at the gym through each bead of sweat and tears) I realize that my home and hubby are still stuck in the funk and it's time I pull em out! I know the hubby has been in his funk ever since he messed up his knee and isn't able to do much physical things, but I'm dragging him up and out of his funk too, and I had a big convo with him about how I'm changing our lives :)

Not gonna lie, since I've moved here I got all hoarder and I love to shop. I guess I kinda filled the void of no family and friends, with belongings. I started coupon shopping, but before that I would go to thrift stores and garage sales and buy all sorts of stuff for crafting.

I want to be able to not worry about sales or buying things, and spend more time out with the hubby and daughter and use that money on vacations and doing family things.

Well since now I'm more active and pulling myself out of this funk, I've finally opened my eyes and I'm going to make my life how I dream it to be, and not wait wait wait, until "one day". One day is not soon enough..sometimes you just gotta do things now or it'll never get done!

I've been obsessed with a dream of one day owning a small house. Like tiny tiny small! & Decorate top to bottom how I want. I want to gut it, and finish it all by myself (or w the help of hubby). & I want a garden in the back with cute patio furniture, and some chickens and yorkie(s). That's my dream. I'm downsizing our apartment, and as soon as we know where we are moving next, I am going house hunting, and I'm making my dream come true!

I'm so excited, and I'm doing whatever it takes. I'm cleaning out our storage room, whatever we use stays, what I've been saving for "someday" is getting tossed or donated. I'm gonna live the minimal life. I'm not waiting for someday anymore. I'm living in the now, and I'm happy to say I'm really really ecstatic with how our futures looking. I can finally see a small light at the end of the tunnel :)

I don't need luck in this journey, I just need my own strength! :) (btw I totally skipped 90% valentines day sales because that's how determined I am!)


  1. You look AWESOME! Keep it up G Money!!

  2. thanks :) I'm gonna be in the best shape of my life! Work it work it! :)

  3. Good for you!!! I moved to Central Cali a year ago and at first I was thrilled exploring and now i'm on that "funk" that you were in. No family, no friends... gained so much weight this whole year by pigging out. *sigh* I seriously gotta get out of this. So glad you made it out! heheh

    1. You can do it too! I havent been to the gym in like 5 weeks because we were on vacay and i managed to not gain a single pound :)


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