Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

I always have to have a unique handmade babyshower gift. I think it's more personal, and I love the reactions I get from the moms and other shower guests. What can I say? I love the attention lol! But really, how nice is it to open a gift and know it was handmade with love especially for your child?

I'm still on that crochet kick so I knew I was gonna try and crochet a little something for the babies. Yes babies, I have a bunch of shower gifts to make! BTW Why is everyone prego or just had a baby on my fb feed? I'm a little jealous Miniboss is turning 3 this month and not a sweet smelling gummy bear toothless newborn! Ok so I don't have a tiny baby to smother but I do have adorable baby shower gifts to make.

Awwwwwww!!! Isn't it adorable? I've seen a bunch of different versions on pinterest so I figure I could whip one out. It was harder than it looked though. I made 5..yeap 5 hats before I got the right size down. Some were too big, too short, too just not right. But then finally all the crochet stars lined up and I had made the perfect baby hat. I can't reveal who it's for yet because it's gonna be a surprise, and I'm not sure that anyone reads my blog anyway, but just incase...

It took a shorter time period to make this hat than my big ombre throw, but it involves so many small bits and parts you have to hand sew on. I'd rather make another throw anyday! But it is worth it...It'll make such a cute baby picture prop :) I wish I knew how to make these back when Miniboss was a baby. But that's the best part of gifts, someone else has the time and energy to make you amazing things :)

I used recycled buttons for the owl's eyes that came from old ABU. The mommas are all military or prior military so that's why I used them. I think it's an adorable personal touch the mom's and dad's will notice :)

Btw sorry the lighting is weird in the pictures, it's a super cloudy day and not even PS could help me =/ Well...now I gotta go make some more shower goodness, and a hat for Miniboss, cuz really..come on, how could I not make her one?! She's still my old baby heheh :)

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