Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Miniboss's Birthday!

Today is our daughter's 3rd Birthday! Wow how time flies when you're chasing after a toddler! It honestly has for me. She's not a cheesy gummy bear I once knew. Now she's blossomed into a funny, silly, crazy, sassy, full of attitude stinky toddler! We did her birthday fun earlier on Sunday and took her to Chuck e Cheese and she got to pick out her own birthday cake at the store.

We usually never throw her a party but hopefully next year when we will have a house and can finally throw her that big birthday bash :)

Her tiny hands were trying to reach the banner to be in the picture. I made the banner with my Silhouette machine, doilies with cupcake liners, and tissue paper for the tassel poms.

It was white chocolate ganache cake.

The cake she picked out happened to match the banner I made perfectly. It was a happy coincidence. Well maybe not because her favorite colors are pink and purple lol. But how did we know the store was going to have a pink and purple cake?! Exactly. Magic. Serendipity.

And of course every year we do a photoshoot on her birthday. Last year she was too naughty and we got one shot. Just one. But this year she did much better with a little bribe :)

Here's all her official birthday photos.

I love that each year is so different and unique! Can't wait for another year of new mommy adventures! Each year is a new learning experience and every year I love this girl more and more! Love my baby!

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