Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Easy DIY Ornament Wreath

I've decided not to put up our big 6 ft Christmas tree this year so I have a ton of ornaments from last years after Christmas sale laying around. I wanted to put them to good use so I made an ornament wreath!

Too simple?? I thought it needed more, so I added clear glittery snowflakes!

Too much now? I kinda like it...Just because we don't have much up yet.

I've always loved the look of ornament wreaths but some of the tutorials called for using a glue gun to stick them together and glue does NOT stick too well here in the summer so if it sits in storage during the year it will fall apart and be a hot mess, so I waited until I found an easier tutorial which worked for ME. Work smarter not harder I always say lol...really I'm just a lazy crafter :)

Anyway While surfing Pinterest, low and behold, a very easy tutorial, which you could simply take apart after your done and reuse all your ornaments for something else. The wreath DOES take A LOT of ornaments! More than I expected actually, so it's always good to get back those ornaments, which you can't if your going to glue ornaments to a wreath.

It was so easy too, "how to" here. (I didn't glue the ornament tops though, and they are staying up fine. I also didn't have ribbon so I used a beaded string to hold it up on the frame.)

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