Friday, November 4, 2011

Jane Iredale

My August giveaway winnings are still slowly trickling in. Yesterday I received this.

It came in the cutest wrapping and even had my favorite, a sprig of lavender.
Cheek and Lipstain? I wondered what color it was and when I opened it I found this.

Umm kinda light isn't it?! I know I'm pretty fair skinned, but there's no way this color is showing up on me! lol or so I thought. I put it on my lips anyway since I figured it would be like clear lipbalm. To my amazement, it turned into this light pink color on my lips!



So of course here I am like woahhh this is soo cool! I go to look up the product on Jane Irelands website and it says,

(You can check it out here. )

A lip and cheek stain that provides long-lasting, custom color to lips and cheeks.
Features and Benefits:

• Multipurpose stain uses all natural ingredients to enhance your natural coloring.
• Non-drying, long-lasting, all natural stain adjusts to your own chemistry for an irresistible pink shade that will flatter your skin's undertone.

It did compliment me well, and I love that there's no guess work, no worrying if this lip gloss or blush goes with your skin tone or not! I haven't tried it on my cheeks yet, but I'm thinking when I go to Dallas for the weekends this is going to replace my blush and gloss I bring so my makeup bag will be a lot smaller :)

Anyway I thought this is would be an awesome product for you guys to try if you like lighter makeup.

*I wasn't perked or paid to write this, I honestly just think it's a super cool product! :)

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