Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is OVER, time for Miniboss-uary

I took down all the Christmas decor today. Feels a little empty but I got bigger things to attend to. January is around the corner, and that is Miniboss's Birthday month!

The joy of having one child is that they get all the attention, and that means The whole month is dedicated to my baby :) She doesn't have to share anything with anyone and I stay at home, so we have all sorts of fun things planned for her. All crafts, photos, and activities are going to be Miniboss related. Yeap. My spoiled little lady. Are you guys ready for a whole month of Miniboss?! I don't know.. but it's gonna happen! hahaah not like my blog isn't already all about her, but this is like official official official ;)

How does all that attitude fit into that tiny body?

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