Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crochet & Pom Poms

It's getting cold and clammy here and it's time to bust out the down comforters and knitted throws. Miniboss's bed need some warm touches so I gave her bed a mini winter makeover.

Hobby lobby had some Vanna yarn for $3.33 this week so I went out and got a few and made her a cute throw for the end of her bed.

Took me two days of on and off work and I made it just big enough for her bed. It's not meant to actually be used, only for decor purposes. We have one for the end of our bed in yellow and grey that I got from Dillard's last year so I knew I wanted her to have a mini one for her bed that matches ours as well.

It was plain but I knew I had to add some cute touches so I made some pom poms for the edges.

The pom poms take it to a whole 'nother level :)

Doesn't her bed look nice and cozy for winter?! Too bad she doesn't sleep on her own bed, yeap she still sleeps with me! lol..I can't get her to leave. Oh well I guess I don't mind cuz I kinda sorta love her :) Her bed is actually right next to ours, but she still won't sleep in there. What a big weenie :P

Miniboss loves to wrap it around her legs and squeeze the pom poms lol. Maybe I should take a hint and make a pom pom garland for her bed next? Sounds like a plan :)

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