Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Cupcake baby shower gift

We went to a baby shower for one of our friends in January but I haven't had a chance to post it because of now that it's over, I can post it :)

Our friend was having a boy, so I made her these cute "cupcakes".

This gift didn't cost much at all, I spent less than $15 making these, thanks to some great Target baby clearance!

Supply list:

coffee filters
rubber bands
receiving blankets
baby socks
pom poms
and a cute box to put these in (I got mine from Walmart in the bakery for free!)

First I started out by making fork pom poms. Instructions on how to make them HERE.

Then you take you receiving blankets and baby socks and take the tags off.

You take a pom pom and lay it in the two baby socks. Roll them up tightly and then roll the socks up in 1 receiving blanket. Use a rubber band to keep things nice and tight.

Put it in the coffee filter and use a rubber band to keep it tight.

I added a ribbon to hide the rubber band but I didn't take photos! Opps, but you can see it in the box that there is ribbon around the coffee filters. It finishes off the cupcakes and looks adorable!

Then you close it up and decorate the box as you wish! That's it, it's super easy and almost fail proof ;)

We actually had a second gift, and that's whats the black box under the cupcake box is :) The tags were all handmade and printed on card stock. It's a little hard to tell but the tag is blue polka dotted to match the ribbon :)

These would be even cuter if it were girl colors, since well, we all know I excel at girly crafts hahah. Boys are kinda foreign to me! Anyway these made such a great gift, all the ladies were ooohhh and ahhhh-ing over these cute "Cupcakes" :) It was a huge hit!!

Anyway Congrats to the Mama and the rest of the family, she just had baby boy Tatum yesterday! :)


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a baby shower to go to soon, gonna have copy you on this one :)

    1. no problem! The ladies were alllll over these! They were the cutest and soo easy to make :) I'm all about easy cheap gifts that make a huge impact lol


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