Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dallas World Aquarium

Here are the pictures from Miniboss's Birthday adventure at the Aquarium.

My favorite would be the shark lol! His face was so cute haha. Lexi seemed more interested in the birds and monkeys and was scared when we saw all the big fish in the tanks lol.

She was soo tired that she fell asleep before we even finished going through the entire place. I think we had more fun looking at all the animals more than she did lol. I thought it was very cute and it was set up so that animals were everywhere you looked. Lots to take in! The only bad thing was that the path ways were so small and there were soo many kids running around it felt chaotic at times. You got your head up looking at animals and you gotta look down at other animals and watch out for kids as you try to take photos..good thing we only had one kiddo to watch and one of us was carrying her the entire time. My Miniboss may be naughty, but at least she's good when we're in busy places!

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