Sunday, January 8, 2012


NOTTT a good morning at all for the Douangphilas, but life goes on right? Right...

Well I recently introduced Miniboss to the joy that is Playdoh! At first she tried to eat it, but after I kept telling her no, it's a toy, she kinda got it. Then she got bored and tried to feed some to Parker! Good thing it's non toxic right? Maybe Playdoh and a 2 year old wasn't the best idea, but it was fun for a while :)

Do you guys give your little ones more age appropriate toys? Or are you like me and give her big kid things just to see what will happen? Of course I was supervising her the whole time, but playdoh still got on her shirt and on the carpet and random pieces managed to linger around and dried up before I got to put it back in the containers. She gets so bored of things easily that baby toys don't seem to keep her busy for long at all. What do you guys do to keep your little ones entertained?

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