Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tips for the home: Best Stain Remover

I've been living with a ugly stain on our carpet for quite some time now. Hubby accidently got some car oil on the carpet. I've tried pretty much everything to clean it out but nothing ever works..so I just gave up. Well after wondering Pinterest I came upon this recipe and gave it a try, what's it gonna hurt, plus you guys know me, I love me some baking soda!!

I mixed the ingredients in a small bowl. I just did one part dawn, 2 parts baking soda, and added enough peroxide so it was runny but still a paste.

Here's my evil stain!

I applied the mixture and used a little scrubber to work it into the carpet really good.
Here it is after i scrubbed it in.

See still wet.. Won't know if it worked or not till it's dry so I came back in 30 mins to scrub again with a little water so the carpet wouldn't feel sticky from the dawn? I don't know it makes sense to me lol.

Then I let it dry, came back in another 30 mins and..

(The shading is kinda weird on the carpet in these pics but it's because the sun has moved and it's a shadow from the bench that's why one side looks whiter than the other, but really in person you can not see that there was a stain ever there!)

It's still a little damp but you have no idea how amazing this is for me! I hated that stain like no other, and now it's gone. Miniboss spills all sorts of stuff and draws on the floor so I'm sooo glad to have this around for when I need it. If it can take out car oil I'm sure it can take out all of Miniboss's messes!!

Another great use for baking soda I must say :)

(edit: Now that it's been over a day, omggg the carpet spot is sooo clean that the areas around it look dirty now lol! Husbands says maybe I should do the entire floor lol.. It worked even better than I thought and maybe now I can get that white couch I've always wanted!)

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