Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Targets 70% off toy sale!

Took Miniboss toy shopping a couple of days ago just in time for the big 70% off toy sale at Target. It happens every year in January and it's perfect timing because I can buy everything and wrap it up just in time for her birthday! Not only that but I stock up for gifts for my niece and nephew too..why not it's 70% off!! I always stockpile during a sale and this is no different.

I went early and scored some major good deals.

I spent $87 and saved over $280!

Nice right!??! Why would you notttt buy sale toys and save yourself money on toys? There were sooo many toys I wanted to buy but didn't because we don't have room, and plus it's out of Miniboss and her cousins age range (3yr-1yr). Miniboss had fun too, she got to pick out her own toys and she starting sticking everything in the cart, so that's when I knew it was time to roll out lol.

I bought a ton more but I didn't picture them all...But I will tell you she now officially has everything a 2 year old could ask for.

BTW IF you missed the sale this time there will be another at the end of summer! :)

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