Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Throw back post: A Dressers Second Chance

At the beginning of summer before I had my dad's truck and the beginning of my furniture craze, I found a dresser with no drawers right outside my apt at the trash bin. I told my husband omggg I have to take it in!! He thinks I'm crazy because I want a dresser with NO DRAWERS BY THE TRASH! lol. Does sound crazy hehe. But I hauled it up the stairs and into my home.

Here's the sad dresser with no drawers

I told my husband I'd find a use for it, and if not, we could always bring it back to the trash on the corner right?! So anyway, fast forward..I decided I hated our perfectly good TV stand and swapped it out for the dresser with no drawers!

I dragged it out, taped and painted it, and sewed some curtains and installed a simple curtain rod. You'll notice the tv is already on top of the dresser before I painted because I left the top brown so it would be two toned.

and here it is now :)

I put all the dvd player, dvds, cds, printer, and all that junk in the cubby holes! & I had extra room and used one of lexi's diaperboxes and modpodge some paper on it to hold wires and cords!

This project cost me 1 dollar for the curtains I got at an estate sale, and 5 dollars for the curtain rod! :) I think it goes well with my antique couches :)


  1. Good idea! I've seen all these elaborate redo's where they did stuff to the inside, but I'm not into woodworking (yet) so I like the simplicity of your idea!

  2. Thank you! I am using it as a temporary solution until we move to the next base, I plan on getting another dresser or something just as tall so the kiddo doesn't touch the tv.


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