Friday, January 18, 2013

Is This Cup Clean?!

We have a huge problem in the Douangphila household. My husband and child always seem to go through so many cups a day and I have a habit of finding random cups and tossing them in the dish washer, only to have my husband say, "Hey..what happened to my cup? I wasn't done drinking!" I don't know if other Mommas have the same problem, but I hate having dishes and cups just sitting around on tables and counters! Are they clean?! Are they dirty?! How long has this cup been sitting here? Anyway to solve this problem I came up with a solution that will help me keep my sanity, and save me some time from washing 89349299 cups a day.

Now everyone has an assigned place to put their cup, and if it's not on their coaster, it's going in the dishwasher. If you have more kids, you could use a longer board and add more names. I am hoping this solves our cup problem!

I just found an old piece of wood, well it was supposed to be a shelf to an old desk we have. It wasn't being used, so I re purposed it. I cut out our names in vinyl, I did Dad, Mom, and Lexi so it'd be easier for the toddler to learn her letters.

I marked a line on the board with white crayon so it'd be straight. It can easily be rubbed off later when you are done placing the vinyl on.

The coasters were found during the 90% off Christmas clearance sale and they were just .69 cents! They have a tree design on one side but when you flip them over it's just the plain wood grain pattern :)

I didn't glue down the coasters, but you always could. I wanted to be able to change it out to different ones later on. This was just a quick temporary solution so everything is easily changed out like the vinyl as well. If this idea works well for us, I'll make a better more permanent one, one that's with sealed wood, and our names will be painted on the wood as well. I'll keep you updated.

Cheers to HOPEFULLY doing less dishes :)

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