Friday, January 4, 2013

Ombre Crochet Throw

I've been itching to crochet since it got cold out here in Texas. I guess it reminds me of home. My Mom's really into crochet, and unfortunately I never took to it because it seemed too complicated. Well Thanks to the magic of youtube, I could stop the videos and pause and struggle and learned all sorts of amazingness! I did learn the basic stitches from my Mom last winter, but this year I wanted to take it to a whole 'nother level! I can't wait to show my Momma what I made!

It took me several weeks of on and off work, mainly because I have an almost 3 year old running around and the husbands a cripple thanks to his latest knee surgery, so this was something definitely just for me to relax and do something. So anyway, here it is!

Of course Miniboss saw me taking pics and jumped in and made herself at home =/. Toddlers! sheeshhh! lol Well..what do you guys think? You like?!

It's the crocodile stitch. It looks a lot harder than it really is. I love love love it. I used 11 skeins of yarn. Starting from the bottom, the darkest color is Peacock by I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. The second darkest is from Michaels in Aqua by Impeccable. The second lightest color is from Hobby Lobby I love This Yarn in Turquoise. And the lighest color is Lion Brand Pound of Love in Pastel Green.

I ended up having to use different types of yarn to find the shades I wanted since neither store had all the colors I was looking for. With the lightes color I actually had to use two stands because the strands were a lot thinner than the rest of the throw. I think it turned out nice though, and you can even tell.

The colors were a little hard to photograph but it's mostly teal. I didn't originally make it for our bedroom, it's actually supposed to be a throw for when we buy our new couch...which won't be until we move in a few months. We're probably getting the Ikea Karlstad sofa in white or a light grey. I want a couch without throw pillows since the couch we have now have a ton and Miniboss is constantly tossing them everywhere and it always looks so messy.. so I made this throw for the back of the couch so it'll have some color without the busyness of pillows. Plus I think it'll work for winter or summer because of the bright colors and its super thick so it's great for winter. It probably weighs 7 or 8 lbs. I went through a LOT LOT LOT of yarn lol.

Now that I'm done, I'm off to make some baby shower gifts :)


  1. Holy shit dude! That looks awesome!!! I totally want to learn to crochet now! You did an amazing job. And the colors are super pretty.

  2. It is awesome!!! I wish you could see it in person. Looks even better than the pics because the colors are soo bright! You should learn asap cuz you need one of these in your life pronto libra

  3. Wow!! So beautiful!! I love the colors and how they off-set your pretty pillows. I've been meaning to learn crocodile stitch. I'm totally inspired :)

  4. How long did t take to make. I'm learning how to crochet. Wondering how long it takes to make a throw

  5. how many chains did you do for this? im in the process of making one for my daughter in law in colors of green. love the color choice for yours. very impressive and awesome!!!!

    1. I have a king size bed and after seeing this gorgeous bed runner I'm about to start one in earth tones...
      To go from say 2-3" from the floor across the bed and back down to 2-3" off the floor I worked out I needed 392 ch... as long as you have an even number I think it will work out...
      if I need more I'll let you know :D

  6. Oh my damn that is bloody stunning!!! I loves it! Well done!

  7. Is there any way I could purchase one of these from you?

  8. What kind of yarn did you use.


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