Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Mousepads

Well you can see from the pic of my desktop that our mousepad is ugly. My husband pulled it out from our storage room. He collects mouse pads from the college centers apparently lol. I always used to think he was crazy but now I'm like woahhh get us more ugly mousepads hun!!

I've been heat and bonding appliques to baby onesies for my niece so I thought...why can't I do the same to the ugly mousepad?! Well You can! And it's so easy. Took me litterally 5 minutes to transform ours.

First I traced the mousepad onto the paper side of the heat and bond.

Then I cut it out and placed the circle (heat and bond side) over the WRONG SIDE of my fabric. IRON. Make sure your iron is touching the PAPER side of the heat and bond..otherwise it'll be just a huge mess.

Then peel off the heat and bond paper. The RIGHT SIDE of your fabric should look the same but the WRONG SIDE will be kinda shiny, rough and stiff.

Then iron the heat and bond side to the top on the mouse pad. That's it!

I found the no sew heat and bond at Hancock fabrics. They sell it by the yard. I got half a yard for $1.50. I'm pretty much gonna heat and bond a ton of things now since I have a new love for it :)

P.S It's finally the weekend. That means time for our Dallas trip! We have a ton of things to do and I'm so excited to finally buy our computer desks and other desk things from IKEA, as well as some family fun time. :) Have a fun and safe weekend guys!

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