Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't you love getting mail?

I do. I love it even better when I'm having a blah day and something awesome comes in the mail to make your day better!

But what makes it even one step up to AWESOME?! When you have no idea what it is..

I got this by fedex this morning. No clue what it is, but it's from New York and addressed to me. It could only be great because's from NEW YORK right? It's obviously not something lame (like bills) because it's not addressed to my husband lol.

Well what is it?

Yeap. A huge bottle of Marc Jacobs Oh Lola perfume. An $88 perfume bottle if you purchase it from Sephora.

Best best best thing? I got it FREEEEE! I spent the entire month of August joining every giveaway I could and now they are starting to trickle in! :) You never know if your gonna win until you get a random package at your front door. Who says giveaways are a waste of time?! I have a bottle of Oh Lola that says otherwise ;)

I'm excited to see what else will be coming in the mail!

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