Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Thumb Tack Project

I got lots of stuff done while I had time this weekend, Novembers supposed to be a very busy month for us so I wanted to get some small cute projects I had in mind out of the way.

I had this amazing idea to do "MR. & MRS." for the back of our black IKEA desk chairs after i pinned this from my Pinterest. But I didn't want to ruin the chairs if my idea didn't pan out so I decided to try it out on Minibosses little chairs to see how I'd like it before I ruined our good stuff lol.

Here's what her table and chairs look like.

I designed this on Photoshop.

Miniboss has two small chairs from IKEA for her art table and since I only have one kid, the second one will be & GUEST. Heheh :) But if you have two little ones you could do both their names!

I printed it out, cut them up, and taped them to the back of her chairs.

I used plain ol thumbtacks I got at Walmart for .97 each. I ended up using almost 2 whole packs for this little project.

I marked out how wide the thumbtacks were so they wouldn't overlap on the letters, then i took a thumbtack to press down on the marks to leave an indentation. Like so...

Then I took off the sign. It'll look like this.

Then I took the thumbtacks and push them in the holes as far as I could, and used a hammer to hammer them in the rest of the way. Some got bent, some broke, some hurt my thumbs lol. It was harder then I thought it was going to be. The Thumbtacks didn't all line up like they were supposed to lol. Doh'!

At first I was like crap, this is horrible it's not working. But then as I got a couple of letters done, it was looking better and better even though some thumbtacks were all crooked.

You can see it's not perfect at all!!.... But it's grown on me now and I LOVE IT!!!

I was going to paint over her little table and chairs if I didn't like the thumbtacks..but I love the way it is now and decided I'm not going to paint over all her crayon and marker marks. It's her things, she should have some creative say :)

I also realized after I did her name that the "&" sign was going to be too hard to do with thumbtacks so I just took a sharpie and hand drew it on the chair.

I'm glad I took the time to do this on Miniboss's chairs first! It turned out super cute, but I also realized that I'm not going to be able to get the writing perfect for our chairs so I'm not going to do them for us. I guess I could always use upholstery tacks and maybe those are stronger? Hmmm.. I'll keep that thought in the back of mind :)

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