Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Ready!

I've got all the gifts wrapped! Kinda late, but I just wasn't feeling Christmas-y. But It's has to be done. We have family coming this weekend so I wanted to hurry and get things done and so I have the rest of the week to clean and organize, and just relax!

You know how after you finish wrapping the gifts and you end up with a ton of paper that are too small to use, but too big for you to just toss cuz you feel bad? Well I found a great way to recycle that paper! My wrapping paper wreath!!

I got the idea from LOWES of all places :) All you do is use a pencil to roll up the paper in random sized tubes and tape the end. The pencil helps make the rolls easier. Once I rolled up enough tubes I hot glue gunned it to a cardboard back in the shape of a donut I had cut out. Looks super cute and left over wrapping paper doesn't go to waste! I hope everyone's all ready for Christmas this year! I know ours will be filled with food, family, and good ol just dance fun!! haha :)

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