Sunday, December 4, 2011


We were at Petco buying Parker snacks and we came home with a Betta for Lexi! lol. Random I know but we were looking at fishies in the tanks and she found the betta cups and she picked out one she liked and was pulling the evil niece on nemo thing shaking the betta cup and we took it away from her, but she wouldnt stop crying over the fish so we bought it lol.

In her defense she has never seen a fish before and she wasn't violently shaking it, more like excited, mom look at this thing swimming..kinda shaking lol

She named him Blue. I am not even gonna rename him because it's her pet. It's a baby betta and he lives in a small blue tank she stares at it and feeds him and calls him Blue. Don't worry he is not harmed and seems perfectly content in his new tank and we're keeping him on the desk where she can see him but not shake him to death.

Blue has a slight purple, blue, raspberry tint to him. It just doesn't show up in the photos.

EDIT: I got better pics of Blue's true color :) Taking pictures with the right lighting makes a world of a difference!

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