Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A throwback for my big bench reveal

(A throwback post for my favoritest project I ever built with my own two hands. The one I'm most proud about, my couch bench. Paperflowerdrive.blogspot is closed now and I'm slowly transfering my projects on paperflowerdrive to here. This post originally had almost 5,000 page hits alone! So please enjoy my big bench reveal..again heheh)

I've been sewing like a mad lady to finally get this bench done! & now it's done :) heheh I know I initially wanted a bench so my husband would have a place to take off his shoes without him having to go all through the living room trekking in god knows what...but now that it's all done.. I don't like him sitting on it messing up my beautiful work LOL! It started as a simple bench idea, and turned out to be full blown crazyy project that cost me a ton of monies and time, but it's awesome and I can say..I MADE THAT BENCH!! :)

Let's take a look back and remember one more time all the hard work I went through before I show you what she is today..Shall we?! We shall :)

The dreaded ugly freeeeee couch from craigslist that was on it's last leg.

Hacking away...

Pulling out 74956230847309 nails.

Sawing and nailing

The primering on my sad tiny apartment patio.

Taping for the painting.

Painted and ready for finishing touches.

And now ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to MY BENCH!!!!!!!! Made with no prior knowledge to sawing, nailing, hammering, gluing or woodwork skills besides shop class in the 7th grade!

So you love my 6 foot long bench?!??!?! Yes it's huge. & I made it!! :) :) :)

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  1. Great makeover!!! It turned out beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much. I think so too.. I'll probably drag this bench to every new base we move to lol :)

  3. Came over from Roadkill Rescue -- I LOVE YOUR BENCH! Great job!

  4. This gives me some great ideas. I have an old wooden couch I've stored in my garage that I had been thinking about doing this very thing.

  5. Gorgeous! I can't hardly believe it is the same piece! It is going to make me look at those icky things on craigs list now for sure! Love it!!
    Carmen Skyles

  6. Fabulous, fresh idea!
    Great job and looks beautiful!
    Definitely something I'll always remember!

  7. Just came from Roadkill rescue. This is amazing! I would never think to do this to an old yukky couch, great work!!

    ps I host a linky party every Frida-Sunday, I would love it if you could stop by and link up. Thanks!

  8. This is my favorite bench EVER, too! I posted about it here:
    HOWEVER, I see that you changed your blog address, so I will have to go back in and change the link. I still want a bench like yours. :)

  9. @ Shelly, I did change my blog address sorry! But everyone was confusing my name with my daughters so I just decided to move everything onto our family blog. I am glad you love my bench!! I haven't seen one like it yet lol :)

  10. You should definitely be proud of that amazing job of transforming that poor couch. Your completed bench looks amazing! Well done!

  11. oh WOW, I've not seen this done before! You did a fabulous job re-purposing this sofa...LOVE it!!!

    would love you to post this to my linky party, Inspire Me Fridays, this DEFINITELY is an inspired creation everyone should see!

  12. I have linked up to your party, Maria :) Thank you for the kind words, Glad you love my bench!!

  13. I love this bench! You have given me an idea of what to do with the chair my husband got from his late grandmother's house. I know the springs are gone and it is a big eye sore so it is hidden in a back room, but now I see a possible new life for it!

    Thank you!

  14. I LOVE this project. I would like to feature it on my blog (curbside connections). How can I subscribe to yours??


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