Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

Miniboss went to the dentist yesterday for the first time. At first she had fun and was dancing, running and screaming in the waiting room but it was a different story when they tried to hold her down and look at her teeth. I wish I had pics but it took me n my husband to hold her down so we didn't get shots of the ordeal. But here's a pic of her in the waiting room hehe.

Being silly with her Poppa...

Looking sad cuz she realizes this was a trick!

So we got some bad news. Her teeth never developed enamel and the 4 top ones have to go! They are decayed on the back and she had chipped her front tooth(from being naughty and falling off furniture). I knew there was something wrong with her teeth since I had noticed some weird coloring on the front of her teeth developing even though we brush and floss her teeth all the time. She seriously has like 20 toothbrushes and her own kiddie flossies!

They gave us the option of extracting all 4 or saving them and putting porcelain/silver caps to save them until they naturally fall out at 6/7 years old. Well we decided to save them because I didn't want her to spend the next 5 years completely toothless like I was! It was not fun and I never smiled in pictures because I had no teeth lol. Anyway I want 5 more years of beautiful pictures of my Miniboss so we getting her 4 porcelain caps for her front teeth. Because of her young age, they are going to have to give her anesthesia and she will be out for the procedure and it will have to be done at United Regional Hospital.

I'm quite nervous..all this pre-surgical exams and talks are freaking me out. But it's scheduled for Nov 10th. I know she'll be fine but it's always scary to see your child in the hospital! Anyway wish her luck that we can save her 4 front teefies.

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