Friday, September 30, 2011

Miniboss and her puppy

Bossy has a fav puppy pal. It's been weeks and I thought she would get tired of it like she does everything else but she drags it all over the house and gives him tons of kisses..holds him by the neck, and abuses loves it like no real dog could handle. I'm gonna have to give him a bath soon but it's kinda sad cuz I have to rip off his ty tag, and it has survived her abuse love this long, I feel kinda bad.

When you ask her what it's name is she says Caca ...which is what she calls Parker lol. And another time when I asked she said Poophole LOL!! So I've stopped asking cause I'm scared what she'll say next. It's not even her beanie baby. I don't even know whose it is..It was just with my old pile of stuffed animals when I pulled it out for her to play with. She carries him all over the house and uses fabric scraps she drags out of the craft room to use as his blankets. We decided it was a boy puppy pal since Caca doesn't seem like a girl name.

She looks like such a big girl in these pics..but just so you don't forget that she's still baby...

Here's Miniboss with Caca and a bottle of water which she got all over the couch and her onesie. I should have never let her play with it..but it kept her quiet for while and I'm all for the silence lol.

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