Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're just cooking and shopping today :) I went to Walgreens last night for their deals and it was crazyyyy! I never knew there were that many couponers here in town, and selfish too! They all had hoarded their carts full of the free register rewards and totally clearing shelves. One lady even said she had over 30 transactions to do. I get that they are free but really, it's Thanksgiving! Give other couponers a chance to do deals too. Some people will be selfish and stay selfish though. I on the other hand only did 2 transactions for things I needed and left because I knew those crazy ladies would fight it out while I went home to brine my turkey and sleep :)

Anyway this year I am Thankful for manyyyy things.

One being that I learned how to coupon the right way!

I am thankful for the many material things I am blessed to own. We sacrifice a lot throughout the year and at the end of the year during sales I am able to buy some big ticket items, such as the car, my desktop, and if all goes well I will be at kohls to get a dyson! The Miniboss only gets bigger and more messy!

I am thankful for a great husband, and healthy daughter. I complain about them up and down, but they are my everything :) SHHHH..don't tell em that though!

I am thankful to have Parker apart of our clan this year. He's the best little dog I could have ever asked for. He keeps me stress free and happy.

Last but not least I am thankful that even though I am not able to spend today with my family, I am able to share it with them through webcam :)

PS..Who is ready for some Black Friday shopping?! I guess I am for the first time this year!! :)

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