Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tuesday Morning

Did I ever mention how much I love stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Tuesday Morning? I always find the best deals.

We had a checkup for Miniboss to get the all clear from her doctor for her dental procedure at the hospital. Every things all set and we go in November 10th for her teefies. I've been dealing with all sorts of run around from the doctors and dentist and paperwork from humana, but it's finally all done! I was going crazy for a while calling everyone to make sure everything was set.

Anyway, Tuesday morning was on the way home and I wanted to see if they had some dog treats for Parker. They usually carry awesome organic dog treats that he loves and we're out of them. Well Tuesday morning was out of them as well, but as I was wandering the store I stopped by the furniture aisle. We all know I have a problem and buy all sorts of furniture because I'm sick like that lol. I found this guy for $20!

It was a display piece and the ones still boxed were $80. I asked the sales lady what was wrong with it and how come it was marked for $20. She says there's a screw missing so one leg is kinda loose.

I tried to walk past it and I ran into some cool scrapbooking flowers, and even a fabric bundle that were perfect for a little project I want to do..but my mind couldn't get off that $20 shelf. (Well I obviously bought it lol..) My husband takes it apart because it didn't fit in our car. Well when he put it back together we found the missing screw inside of one of the legs lol!! It was a perfect shelf after all, nothing wrong, nada! Sweet, all sales final and I got an awesome deal :)

Speaking of the fabric bundle...

It's actually from Westminster, Little House by Annette Tatum, Free Spirit collection. The colors are perfect for kids and I plan to use it for all sorts of cute projects for Miniboss & Parker! Stay tuned for as many cute projects I can crank out with the fabric as possible lol

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