Monday, November 14, 2011

Pearly Whites

What a longggg weekend for us! I'm so glad to finally be home :)

We spent the whole day at the hospital on Thursday for Miniboss's out-patient surgery. She came out of it like a champ and her teeth are all fixed up now. They aren't straight, but they are done and I'm just glad she's not in pain anymore. They just capped over her teeth and her teeth weren't straight in the first place, so the caps make it more dominate.

You can see her teeth were chipped and the spots were cavities from not having enamel on her teeth. I would have after pics of her new pearly whites, except she won't let anyone close yet..she's still scared and remembers the hospital and won't let anyone look in her mouth lol. I'll get a good shot of them later on when she's back to eating solid hard foods. Her mouths still tender when she eats things like crackers.

Here she is right after surgery and extremely grumpy.

After another 3 hours of recovery and doing out processing, she was still groggy so we drove down to Dallas for the weekend.

Then we spent all day Friday at the Southwest Kia car dealership while the hubby tried to get us a deal on a new car. They were going back and forth on the price, they quoted us completely different numbers on the phone then when we were there in person and so we left. We actually drove all the way to Garland to Saigon Mall for some food since we were at the dealership all morning. After we leave they call us back saying ok we'll give you the price you want, so we turn back to the dealership and got caught in horrible Dallas traffic. They were rushing us saying the manager was leaving and we needed to get their asap, and I got car sick from the stop and go traffic. It was just horrible. By the time we got back to the dealership and started paperwork, they tell us actually we cant do the deal and that the price is going to be 5 bucks more a month then what they quoted us. So we're like umm no were not paying that price, but then they changed it so that we could get our original price they told us on the phone when we were coming back to the dealership. Honestly if they would have just given us this price from the beginning we wouldn't have spent the entire day there with a cranky kid. I get that they're trying to make money but we aren't suckers and there's no way we were gonna get bullied into paying something completely out of our price range.

Actually our sales guy, Clinton, wasn't bad at all, he was super friendly throughout the process and helped us through the whole thing, but when we did our paperwork we dealt with the fiance manager for like a max of 15 mins and he was such a jerk to us. The payment numbers weren't correct and so we had him fix it and when he left the office on the way out I could hear him saying to Clint that he was tired of dealing with us. & the whole time he was just rude and rushing us to finish the paper work. Horrible customer service and if you look here at their other testimonials you will see other people had trouble with their finance office as well. I bet it was the same guy we dealt with!! He was the guy trying to get us to pay way over what we were quoted, and why we walked out.

I'm just glad this only happens once in a blue moon, the process was completely tedious for us! But we did finally drive out of there with our new 2012 Kia Optima SX.

Miniboss wasn't the only one who walked out with pearly whites this weekend!

I'm extremely happy with our Kia! I've only had Acuras before, and really didn't know what to expect, but it's pretty amazing. Maybe because it's fresh off the lot and it's our first big purchase as a family, and our first brand new car? Or maybe because I'm glad we got rid of the hubby's standard TL. Plus it doesn't hurt that now we don't have to buy premium gas! Either way I loveee our Kia!

Hey I may never get to have a moment like this again. The moment you buy your very first brand new car! My parents didn't get that luxury until they were in their mid 40's. It's my moment and I'm not gonna let anyone take it away lol :)

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