Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is it too early?

This weekend I finally got around to spray painting the shelves above the desks white. I tried the new Krylon Dual, which is a paint and a primer in one. I liked it a lot! The coverage was a little thin at first but it worked out great in the end. I ended up using two whole cans for 3 pieces of 1x10x48 pieces of wood (which are the shelve measurements).

After I got the shelves back up and in place, I was thinking of how I should decorate them..I was putting office things up like my magazine files, and photo boxes, and then when I went into the storage room to dig out more things, I found a big bag of Christmas decor...and then this happened...

YEAAA I KNOW! IT'S NOVEMBER LADY! Some Christmas stuff snuck onto the shelves!

I don't know what happened...I blame it on all the Christmas decor I saw while I was at target yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. dangit sam now u made me want to dig out all my stuff...nooo too soon!


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