Friday, November 25, 2011

I Survived Black Friday 2011

We had a great Turkey Day! We cooked a ton of food and had one of the husbands friend over. It was a easy lazy morning and evening until it was time to go shopping!

Were there any other brave souls who decided to do some Black Friday shopping?! Well I know there was because I was in line with all them crazies!

I decided to just hit up Toys R Us for some diapers. We needed some and Walgreens isn't haven't a deal anytime soon, so it was perfect timing. I'll just make a quick run to Toys R Us and go home and wait for Kohls. Boy was I wrong! The line was outside the store all the way down the street in a "U" shape. It was crazy and by the time I got in you had to be in line to checkout and scoop things up as you were in line waiting. I made a few new friends with people in line and they helped me watch my cart while I got diapers and I watched their things while they shopped. I love team work :) So sweet and even when I was there from 8:30pm to 11:30pm it felt like it flew by because of all the people I was talking to lol. I even met a sweet lady who works at the commissary, and she helped fight the crowd for my diapers!

(My four boxes for $40! I got Miniboss some toys while I was waiting in line too.)

After finally getting out I headed over to Kohls down the street just in time for their midnight sale. I had one thing to get. The Dyson DC25. They were the best deal of all the Black Friday sales, and we had missed it online. So I waited in that crazy long line and met some more sweet chicas, and everything was so fun and up to this point I had a lot of fun Black Friday shopping!!!

I finally get into the store run to the vacuums and yes there was 2 left! I was reaching under the shelf and was pulling the big box out and a lady snatches it out of my hands and says the last two are HERS! She just grabbed them and ran. I was in sooooooooo much shock at her rudness and craziness. I called her some bad words and felt like crap because I let that lady bully me!!!!!!! Well smart thinking me, I hunted down a sales associate and asked her for another and she went in the back warehouse and got me one! The LAST ONE! OMG I honestly didn't think something like that would ever happen to me. I mean there were two left! And she took both. Really?! These are $300 vacuum cleaners!! I bet she is just going to resell hers on craigslist. She told me I waited all night for these, well lady obviously not because I got here before you did! Anyway I went to check out and was telling my horror story to people and I ended up cutting a bunch of people in line because they felt sorry for me and I only had one thing. So there are still nice people left in the world!

(I've already used it and it's amazing compared to our old Bissell. We reallyyyy needed one because Miniboss only gets older and messier. Our old vacuum couldn't hang with her messes anymore... I have to vacuum the house at least once a day or there is food everywhere! )

There are tons of sweet people out there and unfortunately I ran into a horrible horrible lady. I wasn't prepared for it, and it came out of the blue. Other people are telling me I should have fought her off but really I'm just not that kind of person. I am just too soft for this hardcore shopping world of women who are crazy at Kohls! Next year I am ordering online. I told my husband that if he misses a deal I am not going to wait in line and get beat up by some woman so he better go himself. That or I better be camping in line and being first, because I dont want to be in the back and fight people off lol.

Anyway! Here's some of my Black Friday loot :)

$15 for my drill bits for my...

New drill and other awesome woodworking stuff! Yea saws-all baby! A girls best friend right?! Maybe not every girl but they're my first power tools :) I do have my Wagner Spray Painter from last year, but I don't know if that really counts?! lol

I also got a ton of batteries at Lowes. $4 for 30 AA batteries. Great deal! Plus we were out and were waiting for a good deal :)

Last but notttt least. I got this!!


I didn't have to wait in line or anything! I bought it online :) A Canon Rebel DSLR T3i! I am soooo excited for a real camera. Moving on from a dinky point and shoot digicam! It comes in two weeks, and I can't wait to start playing with it! I have to learn all the fun things of photography so that I can save some moneys by not going to the photography studio for Miniboss's pictures! Last year Miniboss's aunt took her to the studio for her 1 yr pictures and we paid sooo much just to get amateur quality photos for almost half the price of this camera!! I was not impressed to say the least but now I can control what pics I get for her second birthday and I'm soo excited to dress her up and take her to diff places for photos :)

Anyway no more shopping! I'm all shopped out and not to mention broke! lol. Just gonna relax and be lazy now! :)

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