Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Pink Tree

This year we decided not to put up the big Christmas tree. With Miniboss around and her being naughty, there's no way that thing would survive until Christmas. Not to mention we just don't have room cuz we took up a whole wall for our office space! I know, we've completely outgrown this apartment and we're ready to move, but we figure we can hold out for a little while longer since we have about a year left in Wichita Falls. Oh well, a little sacrifice will pay off in the long run. :) Anyway, I still wanted Miniboss to have a small tree up so out came the tabletop pink tree I made her Aunt Jenn buy her after Christmas last year! Yea I planned ahead!! That's how I roll :)

I set up the tree on the dinning table and laid out small ornaments while she stuck them on.

Not bad..but of course the tree is decorated on one side only, and most of the ornaments are at the's okay, it's her tree, she can do whatever. Now when we wrap the gifts, they all go on the tabletop so she won't rip them up before she's supposed to :)

EDIT: Here it is at night!

I helped add a few more ornaments but it's still naked from outside the window looking in..She saw me putting more on and climbed the bench onto the table to "help" so I just put everything away. There is glitter everywhereee. Note to self don't buy glittery ornaments for the next few years!

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