Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weaning progress report

Been tough around here the last few days. Miniboss is officially weaned from the mum!!! Say whaaaa?! Yessss its true. Her naping and sleep schedules are a little wonky but its been hard for all of us. She has been eating people food non stop. Like shes always hungry now. Her eating patterns have completely changed and I can barely keep up.

Shes still clingy but I've been trying to get her to spend more time with her Dad, they nap together after work while I go hide and get things done lol. My milk supply is slowly diminishing. I read online to use cabbage to stop engorment. Don't know it it works but today I finally am not in pain for once and I can tell it wont be long till im all dried out.

Im gonna miss our mommy n me time we shared. It was always nice to take a break and just relax with her while she had her arms n legs wrapped around me. Im gonna miss my baby not being a baby and officially a big kid. I complain about her a lot but it's only because shes too much like me. Shes opinionated, loud, rude, and bosssssayyyy.

Anyway I officially nursed her till she was 20 months old. I'll probably never get to experience that part of motherhood ever again (I do not want anymore kids) but I'm glad I did it. It was a great thing for the both of us, and now were going to move onto bigger and better adventures as she grows.

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